If you use any of our software and/or services, you must comply with this anti-spam policy.

Spam is any email you send or cause to be sent to someone who hasn’t given you their direct permission to contact them on the topic of the email.

You must not use our software or services to send or cause an email to be sent to anyone who has not given permission for you to do so

You must have clearly obtained permission from the recipient of the email. This could be done through:

  • A list provided by an organisation of their internal email addresses, specifically for the purpose of surveying them.
  • A list of email addresses for your own employees.
  • An email newsletter subscribe form on your web site.
  • An opt-in checkbox on a form, not checked by default. The person completing the form must willingly select the checkbox to indicate they want to be contacted.
  • If someone completes an offline form, you can only contact them if it was explained to them that they would be contacted by email AND they ticked a box indicating they would like to be contacted.

Basically, you can only ever email or cause an email to be sent to someone who has clearly given you permission to email them specifically about the subject you’re contacting them about.

Without limiting these general policies, you must not use or software or services to import or send to any email address which:

  • You do not have explicit, provable permission.
  • Is on a list you bought, loaned, rented or in any way acquired from a third party, no matter what they claim about quality or permission. You need to obtain permission yourself
  • You haven’t contacted via email in the last 2 years. Permission doesn’t age well and these people may have either changed email address or won’t remember giving their permission in the first place.
  • You scraped or copy and pasted from the web. Just because people publish their email address doesn’t mean they want to hear from you.

Every email you send or cause to be sent using our software and services must include the following:

  • A single-click unsubscribe link that instantly removes the subscriber from your list. Once they unsubscribe, you can never email them again
  • The name and physical address of the sender. If our software or services are used to send an email on your behalf, you must ensure that your details are included.

If we determine that you’re emailing people without their permission, we will terminate your rights to access and use any of our software or services which enables you to do this.

The requirements of this policy do not limit your responsibilities and must be read in conjunction with all applicable legislation, regulations and other laws as amended from time to time (“Laws”).

You must assess your own activities and ensure that you comply with the provisions of all Laws including any modified or new Laws.

This Spam Policy is not legal advice and must not be relied on as an accurate and complete statement of the potential application of Laws to your activities or of your legal responsibilities.